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Exhibitions (4.6.2010-6.4.2011)


an extraordinary exhibition about The Beatles has been extended to 6th April 2011

Location: Czech Museum of Music, Karmelitská 2/4, Praha 1

This extraordinary exhibition in the Czech Museum of Music has two parallel storylines. The first one reflects the very impressive story of the most famous rock bands of all time, from the very beginning in Liverpool to the complete craziness that surrounded the Beatles and continuing until the desintegration of the band. It also makes reference to the destiny of each member and their future musical productions. One of the parts of the exhibition is dedicated to the cultural phenomenom of the sixties ,when people were affected, not only by music but also by personal attitudes stated by members of the band. This part does not avoid negative or controversial matters. The Second storyline follows the life style of young people in the former Czechoslovakia at the time of The Beatles. It also considers official and unnofficial parts of culture and fashion. Particular focus is on the start of bigbeat in Czechoslovakia and the reaction of the establishment to the life style of the long- haired hippies. The last part of the exhibition is dedicated to Mr. John Lennon as an icon of freedom, peace and revolutionary versus the majority of society. It also reflects the important significance of protest against totalitarian systems in the eightees. The exhibition was prepared in co-operation with different indigenous and foreign institutions and also private collectors. Part of the exhibition is not only interactive but also features the famous wax figure of the Beatles in 1964. The exhibition is going to be accompanied by a very rich and varied program for visitors. Photo: ČTK

Wax sculptures of The Beatles
Yellow submarine
G. Harrison´s banjolele


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