Antonín Dvořák as a performer - Národní muzeum


Exhibitions (11.4.2016-28.3.2017)

Antonín Dvořák as a performer

"…I will stay just what I was - a humble czech musician."

Location: Antonín Dvořák Museum, Ke Karlovu 20, Praha 2

The exhibition Antonín Dvořák as a performer represents composer Antonín Dvořák in a less known roles of conductor, pianist, organist and viola player.

Two original violas from Dvořák's estate and a baton, which Dvořák got from the members of the National Conservatory orchestra in New York, are exhibited. The visitors can also see Dvořák's piano from his Prague apartment at Žitná Street and other original objects from Dvořák's estate which are related to his interpretative art, e. g. glasses which he used while conducting. After more than twenty years oil painting by Svatopluk Souček in a gilted frame (1954), which portrays Dvořák with a baton standing on a conductor's stand, is put on display.


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