Bulgarian Folk Jewel - Národní muzeum


Exhibitions (2.3.2012-2.9.2012)

Bulgarian Folk Jewel

unique collection from the Balkan region

Location: Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum, Kinsky Folly, Kinského zahrada 98, Praha 5

Exhibition of Bulgarian Folk Jewel is prepared by National Museum in cooperation with the Regional Ethnographic Museum Plovdiv in exhibition spaces in the Ethnographical Museum – Musaion, in Kinsky Folly.

It represents a unique collection from the Balkan region of both museums. The exhibition is based on the historical development of the Bulgarian Folk Jewel and its connection with folk costumes.


necklace filigree
necklace filigree

The exhibition will be divided into two parts. Unique collection of Bulgarian jewelry from Regional Ethnographical Museum  Plovdiv and five folk costumes from different regions of the Republic of Bulgaria will be located in a representative lounge in the 1 st floor. There will be a collection of Bulgarian folk jewelry of National Museum on the ground, in so called the Discussion Hall. It will be supplemented by components of folk costumes, embroidery, textiles, shoes and other items.

Exhibit labels in Czech only.


Ornament hanger, Bulgaria
Cleaning and Restoration of rare jewels
It is necessary to professionally clean each item.


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