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Exhibitions (17.10.2008-1.3.2009)

Czech Landscape in Paintings by Václav Fiala

Exhibition in Musaion – Ethnographical Exposition of the National Museum

Location: Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum, Kinsky Folly, Kinského zahrada 98, Praha 5

Václav Fiala (1896-1980) – Czech painter, graphic artist, etcher and illustrator. Pupil of renown Czech painter Max Švabinský of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Fiala´s art work begun with experimenting with popular art styles of the period. From the 1930´s, Fiala started to incline towards art realism. Main subject of his works became cultural landscape. In his artistic vision he followed classical ethnographical studies of Josef Mánes. Works by Václav Fiala portrait life and culture of common people, who are still not affected by the negative effects of civilisation. Even his purely natural landscapes are enlived by rural dwellings, figures of country people and groups of livestock.

One of Václav Fiala panintings


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