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Exhibitions (29.11.2013-24.8.2014)


National Museum Exhibition Presents the Phenomenon of Money within Wider Contexts

Location: New Building of the National Museum, Vinohradská 1, 110 00, Praha 1

logo of the exhibition - globeOn 29 November National Museum opened an exhibition titled Money.

Its authors have conceptualised the theme within the wider cultural contexts. In addition to the history of currencies, visitors will also have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the history of commerce and wage labour, or the workings of banks and the stock exchange. The exhibition shall also follow the influence of money on art, lifestyles and human morality.

This exceptional exhibition project, which is accompanied by several smaller presentations from the exhibition cycle of the same name, features the co-operation of a range of distinguished institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The beautiful tiara that belonged to famous Czech opera singer Ema Destinnová
From the exhibition Money
 two perfectly transparent diamonds weighing 24.1 and 11.95 carats
Visitors can heft a real gold brick
Statue Fortuna overlooks the exhibition
At the exhibition, visitors can admire the largest historic treasure of table silver in the Czech Republic.


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