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Exhibitions (17.6.2016-23.7.2017)


New Exhibition in the National Museum New Building.

Location: New Building of the National Museum, Vinohradská 1, 110 00, Praha 1

This is RETRO. It is a term that has been used widely in recent years. However, do you know all the things that it can mean? The meaning of the word retro is much wider than many of us think.

foto from the exhibition (dress)
From the Exhibition

Do not expect to see cups in pastel colours in the Brussels style, formica bathrooms, nylon aprons, polyamide shirts and reel-to-reel tape recorders. Come and be inspired by beauty that does not age, even after decades. The individual parts of the exhibition will show the connection between past and present.

Do you know which Czech companies follow the First Republic tradition? What inspires them, and which of the more modern forms and technologies continue to build on proven and popular products? Let’s reminisce about the fashions, toys, technologies and equipment that were in households from the First Republic to the Velvet Revolution.

Do you think fashion is ephemeral? In recent years, the patterns and some of the styles of the past have been making a come-back, and thanks to this, clothing and accessories are becoming timeless.  Dozens of vintage dresses and accessories from the collections of the National Museum are displayed in the context of modern clothes by famous fashion designers, and from boutiques to ready-to-wear clothing. Everything is set against contemporary backdrops that connect fashion with technology, designer furniture and the applied arts.

photo - Little girl with the old telephone

Would you like to go back in time for a little while and enjoy a fun family afternoon in the last century? A large retro playroom is part of the exhibition and is there primarily for children and active visitors. The educational entertainment section is not there just for children, either. Parents and grandparents will certainly recall many a memory to tell the younger generations.

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National Museum’s new building, Vinohradská 1, 110 00, Praha 1

From the exhibition Retro
From the exhibition Retro
From the exhibition Retro
From the exhibition Retro
From the exhibition Retro
From the exhibition Retro


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