The Treasures of the Town Moravská Třebová - Národní muzeum


Exhibitions (30.9.2008-1.2.2009)

The Treasures of the Town Moravská Třebová

unique exhibits from collections of Museum in Moravská Třebová


Museum in Moravská Třebová was established by local educational society already in 1870s. At the beginning of the 20th century a great change in its focus and importance has taken place by merit of a native of Moravská Třebová and a New York businessman L. V. Holzmaister. From 1902 to 1904 Holzmaister made a journey around the world during which he accumulated number of artefacts from outside of Europe and enriched collections of our museum. He built the museum building between 1904 and 1906 and in 1908 he established the museum foundation. Holzmaister supported the museum greatly until the WW1 and then in limited form until his death in 1923. After Holzmaister’s death the museum has never reached such a bloom as during his support. It struggled greatly mainly after 1945 but it exists till present days. Situation has considerably improved after 1990. In comparison with 1950s to 1980s museum now has much better conditions for storage of collections, their gradual restoration and presentation by means of permanent and short-term expositions. Museum publishes almanac called Moravskotřebovské vlastivědné listy, cooperates with museums and other local and foreign partners and participates on creation of important exhibitions mainly by loans of collection objects. Since 1996 museum has been part of allowance organization Cultural services of Moravská Třebová. Museum collection, registered in Central evidence of collections, is formed by works of art, books, documents and prints, photographs, negatives and slides, historical, archaeological, numismatic, military, geological, zoological material and Holzmaister’s collections.

Octagonal porcelain bowl, Imari Complicated blue plant decoration in the center, red blue gold regular plant ornament around the bottom, alternating symbols of wealth and flower patterns in eight fields on the edge on white undercoat. Colours: green, gray, gold, red. Marked by six hallm
Censer from yellow metal - mythical animal kirin sitting on clouds on partially laced lid. On a small geometric ornament emulating patterns of old bronzes, there are relieves of zodiac signs in twelve fields. Four legs with geometric patterns. Mark on the bottom.
Japan, 1818-183
Tapestry, before 1520 Unknown author: Tapestry with motif of Iphigeneia 
in Tauris, wool and silk. Brussels or Tourney, before 1520
Relief portrait of Ladislav of Boskovice Unknown north Italian author: Medallion with relief portrait of Ladislav of Boskovice, marble. 1495
Relief portrait of  Magdalena of Dubá and Lipá Unknown north Italian author: Medallions with relief portrait of Magdalena of Dubá and Lipá, marble. 1495
The Mummy of Egyptian Hereret Cartonnage case with mummy of Egyptian Hereret in double coffin from  cedar wood.
Thebes, late Ptolemaic Egypt to early Roman Age (second half of the 1st cent. B.C.)


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