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Exhibitions (21.8.2008-6.10.2008)

... and the tanks arrived in ‘68 ... Stories

40th anniversary

Location: National Museum, Václavské nám. 68, 115 79 Praha 1

The occupation in August 1968 has left a strong mark not only in the history of Czechoslovakia but also in the fortunes of the National Museum. As early as during the first day of the occupation the façade of its main building was strongly damaged by shooting and the National Museum has thus become one of the symbols of the August occupation. For this reason the National Museum has arranged the exhibition on the occasion of the 40th unfortunate anniversary of the August occupation. Exhibition in the entrance hall of the National Museum informs the visitors about the period of the Prague spring, the August occupation, the development after the August events, and the start of the normalization process. The exhibition deals with important subjects, for example the events connected with the death of Jan Palach, the Olympic games in Mexico or the world ice-hockey championship in March 1969. An important part of the exhibition are some objects that are displayed for the first time in the Czech Republic, particularly objects from the estate of Alexander Dubček a Jan Palach. The exhibition has been prepared and arranged in cooperation of the National Museum, the Institute of Military History, the Senate of the Czech Republic and the Institute of Modern History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The exhibition is opened to general public from 21st August to 30th September 2008 at the ramp of the National Museum and in the entrance hall of the National Museum. ...Stories The National Museum together with Czech Television (Česká televize) made public an invitation, the text of which was published in broadcasting of Czech Television. On basis of this invitation, the viewers were asked to send objects, reminiscences, printed matters, film and radio recordings, and photographs related to August 1968. The invitation met a good response and the Department of Modern Czech History obtained over 350 consignments and mails containing various materials. We picked couple of stories to show fortunes of people connected not only to the period of August 1968, but also to the events of the Prague Spring and beginning of the normalization.


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