Society in 19<sup>th</sup> century in Bohemia - Národní muzeum

Long-term Exhibitions

Long-term Exhibitions

Society in 19th century in Bohemia

Historical evidence in a contemporary interior

Location: Vrchotovy Janovice Chateau, 257 53 Vrchotovy Janovice

The creators of this exhibition have strived to enable modern visitors to touch the lives of their recent ancestors in an intensive and interesting way, to make them think about this period in time and the various influences that have co-created, permeated and formed their culture.

All this in the impressive interior of a chateau – among hundreds of original objects (pictures, clothes, furniture, toys, diverse precious and quaint objects).

Zámek Vrchotovy Janovice
Zámek Vrchotovy Janovice
Zámecký park
Zámek po rekonstrukci nová fasáda - jaro 2007


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