Let’s change the history...! Nagano 1998–2018 - Národní muzeum


Exhibitions (2.2.2018-27.5.2018)

Let’s change the history...! Nagano 1998–2018

An exhibition commemorating the success of Czech athletes on XVIII Olympic Winter Games in Nagano

Location: National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill, U Památníku 1900, Praha 3

The XVIII Olympic Winter Games took place in 1998 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. For the Czech Olympic Team the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano were the second separate Winter Olympics peformance since the divison of Czechoslovakia.
Photo: Herbert Slavík
Czech sportsmen won in competitions total of three Olympic medals (two individual, one collective). Besides indisputable successes of Kateřina Neumannová and other Czech sporstmen these Olympics will be probably forever associated with one of the greatest successes of Czech national ice hockey team – winning of the Olympic gold medal, first after the division of Czechoslovakia. The exhibition outlines not only the participation of the Czech Olympic team at the 1998 Winter Olympics, but also a good and lively response of these Olympics in the Czech public.            


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