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Exhibitions (7.9.2012-13.10.2013)

Sportsmen in the Czech Lands

exhibition from the Monarchy exhibition series

Location: National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill, U Památníku 1900, Praha 3

„SPORTSMAN is a sport lover or a person engaged in any kind of sport. Should sportsmen do sport to pursue a profit, they may be called professionals; otherwise they are amateurs, even though the difference has not been exactly specified yet, and remains a subject of discussions at sports congresses.”

Otto´s Encyclopedia, translation

Are you interested in more than a headword? If so, don´t miss the next exhibition from the Monarchy series which the National Museum prepared for the season 2012–2013.  

The exhibition will introduce pioneers of sport, by newspapers of that time called „Sportsmen“, and give to visitors an insight into some sports played in the period of Austria-Hungary.


From the exhibition
From the exhibition
From the exhibition


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