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Exhibitions (6.9.2011-30.10.2011)

Around the World in 299 Days

small exhibition of photographs

The collection of historical photographs of the Náprstek Museum contains numerous photopictures donated by the traveller Josef Kořenský and Karel Řezníček who accompanied Kořenský during his travel around the world in 1893-1894.

However, Josef Kořenský was not the author of the pictures. He made purchased from professional photographers who specialized in taking pictures and selling them to foreigners and tourists. The professional photographers were able to provide a large variety of topics from their vast supplies, such as pictures of architecture monuments, nature and countryside, still-life, art and museum exhibits, street snapshots (often pre-arranged), and studio shots.

Nowadays, these photographs represent a valuable source of information about foreign countries in the end of the 19th century.

Around the World in 299 Days
Around the World in 299 Days
Around the World in 299 Days


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