Land of the Black Pharaohs - Národní muzeum


Exhibitions (29.5.2014-19.10.2014)

Land of the Black Pharaohs

exhibition about history of ancient Nubia

Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, Betlémské nám. 1, Praha 1

The exhibition traces the history of ancient Nubia from the close of the prehistory to the early Christian period. It also showcases the results of the latest excavations by the National Museum's Archaeological Expedition to Wad Ben Naga.

photo - visitors infront of showcase

In addition to items from the collections of the Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, visitors have a unique opportunity to see objects borrowed from the collections of the Sudan National Museum in Khartoum, the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection in Berlin and the Egyptian Museum – Georg Steindorff – of the University of Leipzig. Objects on display include a barkstand from Wad Ben Naga with bilingual inscriptions of the names of King Natakamani and Queen Amanitore (1st century C.E.), part of the treasure of Queen Amanishakheto (from the end of the 1st century B.C.E.), discovered in the queen's pyramid in 1834, a pair statue of the god Amun and the goddess Mut and the sculpture known as the Elephant Man from the Meroitic Period, also from Wad Ben Naga.

One of the two central themes of the exhibition is the above-mentioned site of Wad Ben Naga, a village district some 130 km to the north east of the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. The site is known above all as the place where the “bilingual” barkstand was discovered in 1844 – a discovery that led to the decoding of the Meroitic script. At the end of the 1950s the first Sudanese archaeological excavations took place there, after the country gained independence. The National Museum's team has been working there since 2009, and has already made a number of significant discoveries. This exhibition marks the first time that the objects discovered during recent excavation seasons have been presented to the public.

 Amenhotep II.
From the exhibition
Apedemak - God in the form of a lion


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