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Long-term Exhibitions

Long-term Exhibitions

Rilke, Kraus and Vrchotovy Janovice

Significant personalities of the literary world, who spent some time at the Janovice palace

Location: Vrchotovy Janovice Chateau, 257 53 Vrchotovy Janovice

The palace and park of Vrchotovy Janovice is a place that, in the recent past, played home to a noteworthy being – the Baroness Sidonia Nádherná of Borutín. She was born here and from the time she became an adult to the time she emigrated, she was at the center of associations of writers, artists, politicians and philosophers, which often met here, individually and in groups.

Rainer M. Rilke, Karl Kraus, Max Švabinský, Viktor Stretti, Karel Čapek, Antonín Podlaha, Adolf Loos, Camillo Schneider, Mechtilda Lichnowská – all names at the forefront of their fields. They stayed within the walls of the palace, strolled through the park, debated and discussed issues with each other; a diverse population of interesting people with original ideas. They journeyed here due to the personal magnetism and cultivated demeanor of Sidonia Nádherná; they returned because of her ability to form a friendly, harmonic atmosphere. Sidonia Nádherná was an anomaly – simultaneously a very modern woman of her time, and a noblewoman in the original meaning of the word.

Zámek Vrchotovy Janovice
Zámecký park Vrchotovy Janovice
Stůl Karla Krause v zámeckém parku
Stůl v zámeckém parku
Sidonie Nádherná Fotografie z roku 1917.


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