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The National museum is a research institution, which is engaged in basic research, applied research and experimental development, whose results are made public by way of expositions, exhibitions, lecturing and pedagogical work, publication work in all the spheres of its concern including museology and collection protection.

The National Museum is one of the oldest scientific institutions in the Czech Republic, whose tradition reaches back to such personalities of Czech science as Josef Palacký, Jan Krejčí or Karel B. Presl. It is also a publisher of the oldest Czech scientific journal (The National Museum Journal), which is issued to this day. This tradition is not at all an empty legacy.

Tens of scientists and experts of the National Museum successfully work on two extensive research programmes and a great many projects backed by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, which annually result in numerous results. They also work on scientific tasks financed by the Czech Science Foundation as well as projects on a European footing. According to established criteria the National Museum awards internal grants aimed especially at junior programmes.

Apart from the above mentioned National Museum Journal, which - with regard to the multidisciplinary profile of the institute – is published in two specialised forms focused on the humanities and natural science, the National museum issues 10 more specialised scientific periodicals as well as the monographic series Editio Monographica Musei Nationalis Pragae as a basic resourse edition and the mostly material archeological edition Fontes Archeologici Pragenses.

Pracoviště ve výzkumném centru Barrande

Research centre Barrande

Pracoviště ve výzkumném centru Barrande

Research centre Barrande

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