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Mgr. František Bouda

Curator of lichens and lichenicolous fungi (specialization: taxonomy, ecology and floristics of lichens, especially genus Caloplaca spp.)
National Museum - Natural History Museum,
Phone: +420 281 029 153; e-mail: frantisek_bouda@nm.cz

born 11.4.1984, Písek, Czech Republic

Studies of Biology at Faculty of Science,Charles University, Prague.

2003–May 2009:
Diploma thesis on „Lichens of relict pine forest".
Supervisor: Mgr. Ondřej Peksa (Department of Botany of the Faculty of Science, Westbohemian museum in Pilsen).

Member of the Bryologist-lichenologist section of Czech Botanical Society.

Since 2009:
Curator of collection of lichens and lichenicolous fungi, Mycological Department, National Museum, Prague (herbarium PRM)

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