Exhibitions (17.3.2008-1.6.2008)

Dinosaurs from Argentina

12 skeletons of dinosaurs in life-size

National Museum, Václavské nám., entrance hall, 2nd and 3rd floor


Exhibitions (11.3.2008-24.8.2008)

Portae Vitae of Josef Hlávka (1831-1908) - the life of the maecenas

exhibition in Lobkovicz Palace by the Prague Castle


Exhibitions (7.3.2008-20.4.2008)

Czech Museum of Music Six Years After 2002 Floods

The Rescue of Music Muse

Czech Museum of Music, Karmelitská 2/4, Praha 1


Exhibitions (5.2.2008-4.5.2008)

Nikosthenes Made...

Athenian masters of painted vases, signatures and names

National Museum, Václavské nám., gallery of Pantheon - 3rd floor


Exhibitions (28.11.2007-3.8.2008)

Human Traces: A Walk form Prahistory to the Moon

The National Museum holds a walk through a history!

National Museum, Václavské nám., exhibition rooms on 2nd floor


Exhibitions (21.11.2007-10.2.2008)

Are You a Terrestrial or a Celestial Being? Woman in Indian Art Tradition

An exhibition organised in cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague and the Embassy of the Republic of India


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