Events (25.3.2017)

DunCreagan – Concert

Come and enjoy traditional Celtic music

Location: Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum, Kinsky Folly, Kinského zahrada 98, Praha 5

DunCreagan brings their lively brand of Celtic music to Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum on Saturday, 25 March, 2017 from 6 PM

This is the first time the full band has played in Europe since 1994.  Fans of Celtic music won’t want to miss what promises to be a memorable performance.

Ticket available at the cash desk of the Ethnographic Museum (admission is the same as the normal entrance fee to the museum)

The veteran trio of Tom McKean (vocals, bodhrán, bouzouki), Carrick Eggleston (accordion), and Kelley Bishop (guitar, harmonicas) are joined on this tour by Sarah Collins, a talented session fiddle player from Boston.  Known for their uncommon songs and rousing tune sets, DunCreagan’s repertoire includes Scottish ballads, haunting love stories, Gaelic “mouth music,” spirited jigs and reels, hornpipes, marches and slow airs.

The core of DunCreagan’s sound is defined by Tom McKean’s captivating singing style.  “McKean’s voice has an honest, unsentimental quality that stays true to the spirit of a song,” remarked one reviewer, “and his obvious respect for the music reveals a refreshing humility.”  The band’s range of material draws generously from McKean’s work as a professor of folklore at the University of Aberdeen.

The fiddle and accordion drive the tune sets that showcase the band’s talent for intricate and creative arrangements.  Although a relatively new member, Sarah Collins’ expressive style meshes seamlessly with Carrick Eggleston’s nimble phrasing, while Kelley Bishop’s understated chords and counter-melodies magnify each tune’s emotional effect. Along with the deft bodhrán playing of Tom McKean, the band achieves an irresistible mix of melodic and rhythmic synergy.  They are a delightful group to hear. 




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