Exhibitions (14.11.2007-3.2.2008)

Charter 77 and ts Period, Period and Its Charter

30th anniversary

Location: Museum of Czech Puppets and Circus , Velké náměstí 43, 383 01 Prachatice

Exhibition Charter 77 and its period, period and its Charter shows society in Czechoslovakia in the middle of the 70th in period called “normalization”. It’s a time, when people were disappointed with the development in Czechoslovakia after Prague spring and they mostly didn’t take a part in public activity. In spite of this a group of people were not resigned to their responsibility and they called upon Czechoslovak government to observance human rights. They were called according to their first document “Chartist” and the movement was called Charter 77. Exhibition is telling story of people, who fought against the communist regime and about the state authority that proscribed them. Visitors of exhibition can see here unique photos from Ivan Kyncl (world-known Czechoslovaks photograph), original documents of Charter 77 from 1977, sweater of Václav Havel and first of all Nobel prize of Czech poet Jaroslav Seifert (he received it in 1984).


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