Exhibitions (10.5.2017-22.10.2017)


Exhibition in the Museum of Czech Puppers and Circus

Location: Museum of Czech Puppets and Circus , Velké náměstí 43, 383 01 Prachatice

Devil, Demon, Satan, Hell’s beast, Ghoul, Fiend, Black hunter, Old Nick, Antichrist, Horrid, Vixen, Bad... There are many different forms to name the personification of Evil, which fights against the principle of good with two main weapons: temptation and deceit. His task is to tempt people to sin, which is then punished.

From the Exhibition

The exhibition maps the appearance of Devil figures in dramatic literature, or eventually on the Czech stages. It presents among others different versions of Faust theme that became a life-long obsession for a lot of artists. German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe wrote first version, known as Urfaust, in the years 1772-1775; a two-part tragedy in verses named Faust was divided into two sections by Goethe, and a quarter of a century passed between the origination of these two sections: the second part, issued after the author’s death in 1832. Theatre department owns and now in Prachatice presents the unique costume of Mephistopheles from the wardrobe of Vilém Heš, an opera solist of The National Theater, used during the performances of Faust.

The image of Devil in Czech fairy tales differs dramatically from the Devil impersonating the omnipresent evil. He is not a threatening character, but rather a fool and a confused figure, which is easy to trick and ridicule. There are even images of fair Devils, who help good people to defeat the bad ones. The exhibition presents stage and costume designs for Czech classical operas (Antonín Dvořák – The Devil and Kate), the tales of Josef Kajetán Tyl (The Bagpiper of Strakonice), fairy-tale comedies by Jan Drda (Playing with the Devil, The Sinful Village of Dalskabáty, or the Forgotten Devil) and more. The designs were made by the most important Czech artist such as František Zelenka, Josef Lada Václav Gottlieb, Josef Wenig, Květoslav Bubeník, Zdenek Seydl etc.

Czech puppet theatre is presented by more than thirty puppets, installed in a special mysterious hell as well as in different parts of the inspiring exhibition hall.

From the exhibition


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