Exhibitions (1.12.2017-31.1.2018)

From Prague Castle Photographic Archives

Presentation of unique photographs.

Location: New Building of the National Museum, Vinohradská 1, 110 00, Praha 1

The upcoming exhibition will present selected attractive pictures from the Castle Photographic Archives.
From the very beginnings of our independent State, all important and memorable events have been recorded in photos, and those are filed in archives, which by now have totalled 9 thousand items. The pictorial archives then supply photos to illustrated papers and magazines to be published both at home and abroad. 
The Castle Photo-Archives, a pictorial source documenting most part of the presidential mandate of Thomas Garrigue Masaryk in the years 1918 to 1933, was taken over by the National Museum Archives in 1972. 
The Castle Photo-Archives include the results of work of many other photographers and photographic studios.
T. G. Masaryk was well aware of the necessity to provide the public with immediate and undistorted information about all the events concerning his post. His views were based on the experience gained in the USA and he did not underestimate the role of journalism, in which report photography gradually attained greater and more important space.
In the Department’s view, taking photos of T. G. Masaryk – of his tours of this country, various political, official, but also private activities – was not for its own sake. The Department provided president’s photographs for further journalistic and press uses to spread simple, matter-of-fact information about T. G. Masaryk, but also to ensure promotion of his personality and the Czechoslovak state as such.
This small exhibition is part of the exhibition Masaryk as a Phenomenon.

Admission fee and opening hours:

You can find on >> National Museum’s new building, Vinohradská 1, 110 00, Praha 1 



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