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Prague Museum Night 2015

Free entrance and transport!

Prague Museum Night will take place on Saturday 13 June, 2014. This popular cultural event, promoting activities of museums and galleries, has been offering a possibility to visit Prague cultural heritage sites at night since 2004. There are 48 museums, galleries and other cultural institutions participating this year, opening 80 unique buildings

photo of the bus

Once again Prague Museum Night 2015 will deliver its main mission to offer visitors a chance to visit cultural sites at night (7.00 p. m to 1.00 a. m.) and provide free admission and transport. Also this year, there will be a rich accompanying programme available which has become typical for the event. Prague Museum Night is organized by the National Museum, the Prague Public Transport Company and the Czech Association of Museums and Galleries, in cooperation with other institutions.

Prague Museum Night 2015 will take place on Saturday June 13, 2014 starting at 7.00 p.m. and ending at 1.00 a.m. the next day.

Eight building of the National Museum are taking part in Prague Museum Night:

See a list of our buildings and the acompanying events we offer on prazskamuzejninoc.cz



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