News (19.7.2010-30.9.2010)

Library closure

since July 1, 2010

The study room and the book loan service in the National Museum's Old Building are closed since July 1, 2010 The latest term of their reopening is expected in September 2011. Nevertheless, the precise date depends on the finished inspection of the book collections after moving. Other services – exhibition loans, interlibrary loan service, digitization service – will be limited and due to the variability of the book resources the services in question will be fully re-established at the time of opening of the new study room in the New Museum Building. The precautions are fully applied on the services considering the book collections of the General Library Dept. and the Dept. of Manuscripts and Old Prints. The only exception in this respect is delivery of digital copies of already digitized books which will be delivered till the latest possible term before the moving of the concerned department. The service will also be fully re-established as soon as possible after the finished moving. The manuscripts and the old prints will be accessible again after the finished inspection of the book collections, i. e. in September 2011 (the term may be postponed) in the study room in Terezín (approx. 60 km northwards from Prague – 1 h journey by bus). Accessibility of other collections (the Book Culture Dept. and the Dept. of the Castle Libraries) depends on the kind of request and delivery limits of concerned department between moving and opening of the new study room in the New Museum Building. The Dept of Newspapers and Magazines is not going to be moved out of its present building and, therefore, the opening hours of its study room stay unchanged.


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