News (18.3.2011-31.3.2011)

Medieval manuscripts in the National museum

every fortnight new manuscript

The National Museum, as a supplement to its exhibition Ancient Czech Legends will display the originals of several medieval manuscripts containing texts of the ancient legends.

Each manuscript will be displayed for 14 days in exhibition Ancient Czech Legends.
  • March 18th–March 31st Chronicle of Přibík Pulkava of Radenín, early 15th century. Pulkava was the first to write about Čech's brother, Lech.
  • April 1st–April 14th Marignola's chronicle, late 15th century. Italian chronicler of the mid 14th century, altered the legend of Ploughman Přemysl being summoned to govern.
  • April 15th–April 29th Zelenohorský and Královedvorský manuscripts, true age unknown. Younger than originally assumed, they served as a tremendous boost to the Czech nation's emerging self-confidence. They had an enormous influence on Czech art and literature, and the battle over their authenticity lasted through most of the 19th century.

Chronicle of Přibík Pulkava of Radenín, early 15th century.


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