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The National Museum Library is located in the New building of the National Museum, Vinohradská 1, 110 00 Prague 1.
It is a public attendance library, making its materials available for reference in Study Rooms... More >>

Announcement about opening
Study room in the National Museum New Building is closed on Monday, 7th May 2018 from technical reason.
Substitute opening day is opened on Wednesday 9th May from 10 AM to 6 AM. 

National Museum Library Announcement:

Dear researchers,
all LNM departments, except the Journals Department, which is still at its permanent address in the Royal hunting preserve #56 (Královská obora 56), Prague 7 and the Book Museum, have been moved from the historic palace of the National Museum to new homes... More >>

Due to a required audit of the transported library, services in the studies will be on a limited basis at first.
Study Rooms of the National Museum Library:
  • Study Room in the National Museum New Building2nd floor, Vinohradská 1, Prague 1
    - audited books will be available from the central library (see list of available titles), as well as manuscript fragments, unique old prints and shopkeeper's printing blocks
  • Study Room in the Central depository II in Terezín, Prokopa Holého 78, Terezín (former Hamburg barracks)
    - manuscripts, old prints, materials of book culture, Bohemian periodicals issued after 2000, Slovak periodicals issued up to 1992 will be available here
  • Study Room of the Journal Department, Královská obora 56, 170 76 Prague 7
    - Bohemian periodicals - newspapers and magazines, which were and are issued in Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia to 1992 will be available here
  • Study Room in the Zbraslav palace, Bartoňova 1, 156 00, Prague 5
    - the National Revival collections and audited books of the central library will be available here
List of book shelfmarks available for reference in LNM Study Rooms
Shelfmark: Depozitory Zbraslav palace: shelfmarks 1–29, 33–100, 109–116.
Central depozitory II. in Terezín: shelfmarks 101–108, 133–200, 220–260, 300–309, 500–, Peruc P, R I–II, R V–VIII, R XIII, R XV–R XVI, S I–V, Umění … More >>
More information – Catalogues and databases
Almost all material from the Book Culture Department is currently stored in the Central Depository II. in Terezín... More >>       


Study room in the National Museum New Building
Study room in the National Museum New Building
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