Exhibitions (17.3.2008-1.6.2008)

Dinosaurs from Argentina

12 skeletons of dinosaurs in life-size

Location: National Museum, Václavské nám., entrance hall, 2nd and 3rd floor

The exhibit displays complete skeletons of dinosaurs from various localities within Argentina. It shows variability of this group of reptiles in consequences of their evolution, which lasted more than 165 million years. The smallest desplaied dinosaurus (Gasparinisauria) is as small as a pheasant, while carnivorous Giganotosurus reaches 14 m in length. It is considered to be the largest predator which ever lived on land during all the history of Earth. There are also big herbivorous dinosaurs in the exhibition. For children there is prepared a rich interactive part of the exhibit. Through games children will find out more about work of paleontologists, which is usually hidden from eyes of public. Under supervision of a curator children will experience recovering bones of dinosaurs, casting of their teeth, completing mega- puzzle and will be able to fill in a dinosaurs quiz.

Piatnitzkysaurus finfin


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