National Museum - main building

From 7th June 2011 is building closed for reconstruction.

Location: National Museum, Václavské nám. 68, 115 79 Praha 1

About the building

On 18 May 1891 the new Museum building of architect Josef Schulz, which still remains one of the main landmarks of Wenceslas Square, was officially opened. As a result of its ongoing operation and unfavourable historical events, during which it was repeatedly damaged, the building was entirely emptied and closed in July 2011.

At present, long-term reconstruction is underway – the building will be adapted to museum conditions of the 21st century and interconnected with the neighbouring new building of the National Museum. Thus a modern museum space will be created in the centre of Prague. Extensive new exhibitions will be installed – exhibition areas History Around Us and Nature Around Us. Furthermore, the project includes rest areas and areas for schools, children and students. The re-opening of the Historical Building is symbolically planned for 2018, when the National Museum will celebrate 200 years since its founding.

The National Museum administrates another 14 buildings in and outside of Prague, in which it presents permanents exhibitions and temporary ones.


>> More informations about reconstruction of the National Museum - main building can be found here or on the National Museum News server Muzeum3000.


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National Museum - main building
National Museum - main building
National Museum - main building


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