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The Retro exhibition in National museum

The Retro exhibition in National muzeum in the New Building of the National Museum

In the New Building of the National Museum, the visitors will travel in time! The newly opened exhibition Retro will introduce tens of historical dresses, fashion accessories, toys, household equipment and technology, from the 19th century to the Velvet Revolution. Dresses are introduced in the context of modern clothing of famous fashion designers, from fashion label boutiques to ready-to-wear clothing. Everything is set against contemporary backdrops that connect fashion with technology, designer furniture and the applied arts. Children will have something to enjoy, too. Entertainment and an educational area called Retro playroom is prepared for them. Parents can recall their childhood memories here. Visitors can look forward to a rich accompanying programme in the form of fashion shows, textile workshops and competition events. The exhibition will run until 30 April 2017.


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