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Electronic Publications

E-Catalogue of the exhibiton Sportsmen in the Czech lands

A catalogue offers accompanying texts and photographs displayed at the exhibition Sportsmen in the Czech lands which was held in the National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill from September 2012 until October 2013. The exhibition displayed beginnings of sports in Czech lands in the second half of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century. It introduced sports which were developing at that time and which the citizens of the Monarchy went in for. The exhibition focused also on pioneers of sport – sportsmen who performed at that time already admirably and were often remarkably universal.
At the exhibition there were on public display also the then sport equipment, sportswear and various sport awards which sportsmen won.

Free download (catalogue is written in Czech and in English):

Sportsmen in the Czech lands e-Catalogue  (cz and eng) (pdf 6,3 MB)


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