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The Rokycany Music Collection. A Catalogue of Franco-Netherlandish Sacred Works Preserved in the Oldest Layer of the Repertoire

The Rokycany Music Collection comprises a valuable set of musical manuscripts containing pieces by both Czech and foreign composers that clearly indicate the rise of concertato elements in church music.

From this collection the catalogue selects Franco-Netherlandish composers, including a total of 210 compositions, primarily motets and masses, by a total of 43 composers identified to date. It includes overviews of possible printed models, of available concordances of manuscripts, and of critical editions.

The catalogue itself is preceded by an introductory study, a sketch of the history of the former literati brotherhood of Rokycany, and a separate study devoted to Franco-Netherlandish musical repertoire. Appended to the scholarly music-historical portion are descriptions of musical manuscripts and prints and of copyists' hands according to individual shelf marks. Included as well are a bibliography and indexes.

Authors: Kateřina Maýrová, Stephanie P. Schlagel, Hana Hrachová
ISBN 978-80-7036-513-7
461 pages

Free download:

The Rokycany Music Collection (PDF 24 MB)


This publication was supported by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (DKRVO, National Museum, Prague).


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