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Department of International Exchange of Publications

Department of International Exchange of Publications

This department is named after its main activity - but it acquires publications not only by exchange - also by purchase and gift.

The international exchange of publications has a long tradition in the National Museum. It is both an important source of foreign scientific literature and also a very useful way of distribution of publications published by the National Museum – a presentation of its scientific results.

The National Museum Library has a great collection of contemporary foreign specialized literature.

The branches studied in the National Museum, i.e. history (prehistory, archaeology, history, numismatics, history of theatre, history of sports, ethnology), natural history (paleontology, mineralogy, botany, mycology, anthropology, conservation), museology, librarianship, as well as art and philology are represented in these holdings.

We are interested in publications from above mentioned branches: periodicals, monographs, proceedings, annual reports, as well as guides to the collections and to the museums and also exhibition catalogues.

We can offer on exchange:

Contact person:
Dr. Jarmila Kučerová
Address: Knihovna Národního muzea
Václavské nám. 68
115 79 PRAHA 1


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