Čomor Ľuboš, Čanády Alexander (2011):
Notes on somatic proportions of Canis lupus from eastern Slovakia (Carnivora: Canidae) [Poznámky k biometrickým údajom populácie vlka eurázijského (Canis lupus) z východného Slovenska (Carnivora: Canidae)]:
Lynx, nová série, 42: 91–97.


The paper presents the results of biometric research of the Eurasian wolf (Canis lupus) from eastern Slovakia. The data were excerpted from catalogue cards and protocols of the Šariš Museum in Bardejov and the Regional Museum in Prešov. Basic somatic traits were evaluated for 42 individuals. For males, the following values were obtained: weight 23.0–60.0 kg (mean [M] 39.9 kg), body length 105.0–136.0 mm (M 118.1 cm), tail length 28.5–51.0 cm (M 39.2 cm), length of the hind foot 23.5–28.5 cm (M 25.7 cm), length of the auricle 9.2–15.0 cm (M 12.7 cm). Females showed the following measurements: weight 21.3–50.0 kg (M 34.9 kg), body length 103.0–130.0 cm (M 110.9 cm), tail length 31.0–42.0 cm (M 38.0 cm), length of the hind foot 23.0–26.5 cm (M 24.2 cm), height of the auricle 10.3–15.0 cm (M 12.1 cm). The index of tail length (LCd×100/LC) was a relatively constant parameter for both sexes (33.3% in males, 34.3% in females). Conversely, concerning the relative weight and body length (P×100/LC), higher values were found in males, which was statistically highly significant (t=3.37; P<0.01). The ratio of condylobasal skull length to body length (LCb×100/LC) did not show a significant difference between sexes.