Zbytovský Petr, Anděra Miloš (2011):
Drobní zemní savci severní části Českomoravské vrchoviny (Eulipotyphla, Rodentia) [Small terrestrial mammals of the northern parts of the Českomoravská vrchovina Highland, Czech Republic (Eulipotyphla, Rodentia)]:
Lynx, nová série, 42: 197–266.


The paper gives detailed information on the occurrence of small mammals in the northern parts of the Českomoravská vrchovina Highlands [the study area of about 5,000 km2 is roughly defined as a territory situated north of the D1 highway (Praha–Brno)]. Besides the results of the intensive field work performed mostly in the period 2006–2010 (nearly 5,000 inds. of small terrestrial mammals captured), this paper also summarises other available unpublished records, data from museum collections and literature sources. In total, 27 small terrestrial mammal species have been recorded (74.9% of small terrestrial mammal species of the Czech Republic), for each of the species the complete list of known localities and a brief characteristic of their occurrence are presented. Nearly three-fourths of the recorded species are widespread in the region of our interest (including e.g. Neomys anomalus, Crocidura suaveolens, Microtus agrestis, Micromys minutus and most probably also Microtus subterraneus and Muscardinus avellanarius). On the other hand, the occurrence of Glis glis is highly patchy (rocky beech woods). The findings of Crocidura leucodon and Sorex alpinus recorded outside their hitherto known ranges are of greatest significance. The occurrence of Castor fiber has only a marginal character at present, and Spermophilus citellus has disappeared from the northern parts of the Českomoravská vrchovina Highlands. Finally, the differences in small terrestrial mammal fauna between the southern and northern parts of the Českomoravská vrchovina Highlands are discussed.