Pluháček Jan, Hrabina Petr, Robovský Jan (2011):
České názvy živočichů. Savci (Mammalia). Dodatek 2 – jelenovití (Cervidae), kabarovití (Moschidae) a kančilovití (Tragulidae) [Czech names of animals. Mammals (Mammalia). Appendix 2 – deer (Cervidae), musk deer (Moschidae), and mouse deer (Tragulidae)]:
Lynx, nová série, 42: 281–296.


This article includes Czech names of all known species of three families of even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla). The main reasons that made us compile this review were taxonomic changes in several species and descriptions of new species, which were published during the last years. Mostly, we used the names cited in all previous reviews. All changes are explained in detail. In total, we changed 20 names and suggested 72 new names. A complete list of Czech names of all recent species and most of subspecies is given.