Uher Pavel, Koděra Peter, Ozdín Daniel (2012):
Kerimasit Ca3Zr2(Fe3+2Si)O12 - vzácny granát z Ca-Mg skarnovo-porfýrového ložiska Vysoká-Zlatno, štiavnický stratovulkán (stredné Slovensko):
Bulletin mineralogicko-petrologického oddělení, 20: 59-62.


Kerimasite Ca3Zr2(Fe3+2Si)O12, a rare member of garnet supergroup, was identified by EMPA in Ca-Mg skarn on the contact between Miocene granodiorite porphyry intrusion and Middle Triassic dolomites in a borehole from the Cu-Au skarn-porphyry deposit Vysoká-Zlatno near Banská Štiavnica (Štiavnické Vrchy Mts., Central Slovakia). Kerimasite forms isolated irregularly shaped grains (60 - 100 μm across) in association with andradite, monticellite, clintonite, magnetite, perovskite and brucite. Kerimasite originated during prograde metamorphic conditions of high-temperature contact thermal metamorphism related to emplacement of the granodiorite porphyry into dolomites.