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In the land of the Minotaur

Štěpánek Otakar, Moravec Jiří

In the land of the Minotaur

National muzeum, Prague, 208 pages


ISBN: ISBN 978-80-7036-453-6

The book In the land of the Minotaur is an unpublished travelogue of Otakar Štěpánek (1903–1995), notable Czech zoologist, head of the Department of Zoology and the first director of the Natural History Museum of the National Museum. Author describes his experiences of the four zoological expeditions to Greece (mainly to Crete), which took place in 1934–1938. The publication is a valuable historical document that brings a lot of interesting information about the scientific work of Czech scientists in the Peloponnese, Crete and neighboring islands as well as about social relations in pre-war Greece.

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