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Fibichova Hippodamie a Hippodamie Vrchlického

Šustíková Věra

Fibichova Hippodamie a Hippodamie Vrchlického

National muzeum, Prague, 392 pages


ISBN: ISBN 978-80-7036-492-5

The first critical edition of the text of the melodramatic cycle Hippodamia by Zdenek Fibich on the poetic artwork by Jaroslav Vrchlický, based on Fibich’s autograph scores, compares his piano sketches with the text, with autographs of Jaroslav Vrchlický, and takes account of the first edition of piano works by confronting them with the first edition of Vrchlický’s dramatic text. It's a breakthrough Vrchlický’s basis conception of the text as a true melodramatic libretto, opposed to the existing basis – the first edition of the independent „drama“ by Vrchlický. The edition is accompanied by an expert study “Genesis of the melodramatic cycle Hippodamia and the dual form of text”, which draws on the findings of new realities.

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