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The Procházka Photo Album (1862–1888)

Vojtěšková Jana, Kroupa Jiří K. (eds.)

The Procházka Photo Album (1862–1888)

National Museum & Koniasch Latin Press, Prague, LXII+184 pages

ISBN: 978-80-7036-455-0(NM) / ISBN 978-80-87773-29-1 (KLP)

The Procházka Photo Album contains 97 portraits of composers, performers, conductors, men of letters, critics, painters, historians, clergymen, patrons of the arts etc. who were actively involved in the cultural life of Europe in the latter half of the nineteenth century and who thereby influenced Czech society as it was undergoing a national revival. The often very difficult identification of the depicted persons was of fundamental importance for the creation of this critical edition. With each portrait, the publication presents detailed biographical, bibliographical, and iconographical information on the basis of extensive research of source material, along with transcripts of dedications, inscriptions, and rubberstamp impressions as well as information about dating and photography studios. The comprehensive tables that simplify orientation based on names, places, dates, photographic studios, languages etc. are among the elements that qualify this work as satisfying the demanding criteria of a critical edition.

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