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Dufková Marie, Součková Jana

World Cultures in the National Museum Collections

The Náprstek Museum of the National Museum, Prague, 27 p.


ISBN: 80-7036-185-9

Just like the National Museum – the Náprstek Museum lost space for the complex exhibition of Asian cultures after the restitution of the Chateau in Liběchov, so in 2005 it prepared and, in 2006, published the concept of the development of its activities and the presentation of American, Oceanic and African cultures in its building in Bethlehem Square. It also prepared a plan to build on to the common exhibition of antique cultures with an organic continuation to the great Empires of the East and the still living Asian traditions and cultures. The National Museum announced this plan in cooperation with the Department of Classical Archaeology of the Historical Museum, together with which it is preparing the creation of a common exhibition of archaic cultures. The presentation includes the development of the non-European means of payment with a special emphasis on the economic and historical relationship of the Czech lands and the Orient, as well as the presentation of collecting and investigating activities in our territory with regard to the non-European cultural area. The space will also be devoted to the Czech in the world, i.e. the role and contribution of Czech scientists and travellers who – in Náprstek’s words – “were opening the window to the world.”

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