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Hradní fotoarchiv / The Prague Castle Photographic Archives 1918–1933.

Běličová Milena, Jůn Libor, Novozámská Martina, Vandrovcová Miroslava

Hradní fotoarchiv / The Prague Castle Photographic Archives 1918–1933.

National Museum, Prague, 192 pages


ISBN: 978-80-7036-266-2

Prague Castle Photographic Archives 1918–1933 is a publication that would be pleased to present to you a photo collection of the same name from its origins until the present professional processing and public presentation in the Archives of the National Museum.
The photographic part will mediate the atmosphere of the era of the „state-building“ previous to the times when economic depression and political extremism started threatening interwar Czechoslovakia. The book includes even quite unknown, hitherto unpublished photos and thus contributes to enhancing the iconographical awareness of the Czechoslovak history, helps the figures of the First Republic to come out of their anonymity through the photos of the Castle Photo-Archives, and reveal their own faces for both historians and the general public.

Language: CZ/ENG

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