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Kraemerová Alice

Osaka woodblock prints of the Náprstek Museum´s collection

National Museum, Prague,


ISBN: 978-80-7036-242-6

As a part of the National Museum´s project " Personalities of Czech science and culture", the collection of Joe Hloucha - author, traveler and collector, has been the source of a number of different topics. The main part of Hloucha´s collection is comprised of woodblock prints (3500 items). From these, only a small, yet still significant number are Osaka woodblock prints. These have been sorted and classified, including those that were received from sources other Hloucha´s collection. The goal of this catalogue is to list all the Osaka woodblock prints of the Náprstek Museum´s collection (more than 500 prints) together with their descriptions and general introductory explanation on Osaka prints.

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