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Nias - The Island of Ancestors and Myths

Jezberová Anna, Hladká Ivana

Nias - The Island of Ancestors and Myths

National Museum, Prague,


ISBN: 978-80-7036-252-5

Pavel Durdík's collection from the island of Nias has been processed as part of the academic research programme entitled "Personalities of Czech science and culture" (MK 00002327202). Durdík, a Czech doctor in the services of the Dutch army, created an exceptional collection. He became thoroughly acquainted with the lives of the local people, and was thus able to create a collection that is truly representative of both the everyday and ritual lives of Niasans of the period. The authors created a complete catalogue of the collection, divided thematically. These themes represent the whole range of the islanders' activities in 1881-2, the years in which Durdík worked there. It is the first time the collection has been processed in its entirety.

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