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Japan, My Love. The Czech Traveller and Collector Joe Hloucha

Kraemerová Alice, Šejbl Jan

Japan, My Love. The Czech Traveller and Collector Joe Hloucha

National Museum, Prague, 191 p.


ISBN: 978-80-7036-223-5

A monograph on Joe Hloucha was compiled as a part of the great project of the National Museum: Outstanding Personalities of the Czech Science and Culture, which is supported by the ministry of culture of the Czech Republic (VVZ 300, MK 00002327202). Joe Hloucha has been one of the important donators of the Náprstek Museum and is characterized as a collector, writer and traveller on the basis of processing archive materials and describing his collections.
The monograph is divided into two parts, the first one describing Hloucha´s life, travels, literary work whereas the second one dealing with his collections especially of Japanese origin, which formed the core part of his collecting activities.
Colour photographs are followed with abbreviated English version and supplements with Joe Hloucha literary work bibliography, his brother Karel´s bibliography, Sigismund Bouška´s letters transcript, which might be interesting for the art historians, and with the list of literature.

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