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Anděra Miloš, Červený Jaroslav

Large Mammals in the Czech Republic. Distribution, History and Protection. 2. Carnivores (Carnivora)

National Museum, Prague, 216 p.


ISBN: 978-80-7036-259-4

This publication joins up with the preceding part on ungulates, and it presents complete information on the occurrence of 18 carnivore species in the territory of the Czech Republic, including those eradicated in the past. For each species there are an actual distribution map and a commentary gathering up data on their occurrence, population dynamics (bag statistics), habitat requirements (incl. a hypsometrical analysis), problems of conservation, and research status. Particular attention is paid to big carnivores (Brown Bear, Gray Wolf, and Eurasian Lynx) and non-indigenous invasive species. Extensive bibliography is attached.

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