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Bedřich Smetana a jeho korespondence / and his correspondence.

Mojžíšová Olga, Pospíšil Milan

Bedřich Smetana a jeho korespondence / and his correspondence.

National Museum, Prague, 512 p.


ISBN: 978-80-7036-306-5

Critical catalogue containing all of Bedřich Smetana’s currently known correspondence (including the unpreserved correspondence), divided into the sent and received. Both parts of the catalogue are arranged in alphabetical order by addressee/sender. The correspondence records contain headings stating the sender and addressee, the place and date of sending, a brief description of the letters that have been preserved in the original (the form of communication, language, scope, note), data about the owner and deposition, and possibly a reference to another type of preservation. An annotation about the content is added to each (preserved) correspondence unit. The publication includes a list of abbreviations, lists of sources and literature, indices of persons, institutions, places and Smetana compositions, as well as a pictorial supplement. The introductory studies and annotations are in Czech and English, and the descriptions of sources in a uniform format comprehensible both to readers of the Czech and English text.
The publication is intended for those interested in Smetana and in the wider context of the time in which Smetana lived and worked.

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