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Anatolian Early 14th Century Coin Hoard

Kolbas Judith, May Timothy, Novák Vlastimil

Anatolian Early 14th Century Coin Hoard

National Museum, Prague, 112 p.


ISBN: 978-80-7036-305-8

In 2006, a hoard of 405 dirhams struck in Anatolian mints at the break of the 13th and 14th century appeared in Prague. The coins represent production of the Il Khānid dynasty (Persian Mongols), namely of Ghāzān Maḥmūd (AH 694-703/ AD 1295-1304), and the last Seljuqs of Rūm (Anatolian Turks) represented by Kay Khusraw III (AH 663-682/ AD 1265-1284), Kay Qubādh III (AH 696-702/ AD 1297-1303) and Mas‘ūd II (first reign AH 679-696/ AD 1280-1297, second reign AH 702-705/ AD 1303-1306). The corpus also incorporates imitations of the coins of some of the above-mentioned rulers.

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