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Drahomíra Stránská. Outstanding personality of European ethnography

Mevaldová Helena, Tauberová Monika

Drahomíra Stránská. Outstanding personality of European ethnography

National Museum, Prague, 136 p.


ISBN: 978-80-7036-326-3

Publication presents life and work of one of the founders of Czechoslovak ethnography Drahomíra Stránská (1899–1964) who intervened in a number of thematic areas in this field. The publication is devoted to various aspects of her life and work, especially at the Ethnographic Department of the National Museum, but also in many other institutions, notably the Slavic Institute. It emphasizes her scientific approach to museum work and charts development of museum collections based on Stránská’s field research. Publication also describes her educational activities at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague, and her outstanding organizational and editorial work. It also provides a summary of her field research, exhibitions and other activities (international congresses of Slavic geographers and ethnographers, scientific contacts with the South Slavic ethnographers and collectors, etc.) both in the Czech lands and abroad. The publication also analyzes Stránská’s influence on the transfer of the wooden church of St. Michael from Ruthenia to Prague and describes her unrealized projects: foundation of Šafařík Slavic Museum and an open-air museum, both in Prague.

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