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Emil Holub´s Collection in the National Museum

Jiroušková Jana, Kandert Josef, Mlíkovský Jiří , Šámal Martin

Emil Holub´s Collection in the National Museum

National Museum, Prague, 208 p..


ISBN: 978-80-7036-329-4

The National Museum in Prague holds a collection of objects from southern Africa acquired for the museum by Dr. Emil Holub (7 October – 21 February 1902) during his stays in southern Africa. Inspired by David Livingston (13 March 1813 – 1 May 1873) after his studies he set off to southern Africa where he settled near Kimberley. Already during his first stay in Africa (1872 – 1879) he began compiling a collection which documented the life of the local population and richness of nature. He made his second trip to Africa in the years 1883 – 1887.
The publication presents the whole of Holub‘s collection for the first time. This means the ethnographic and the natural history part of the collection, and last but not least, the book contains the entire list of archives associated with the personage of Dr. E. Holub.

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