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Hanel Lubomír, Plíštil Jiří, Novák Jindřich

Czech Names of Animals V. Fishes and fish-like Vertebrates (Pisces) 7. Actinopterygians (Actinopterygii) Neopterygians (Neopterygii) [Scorpaeniform fishes (Scorpaeniformes) – Perciforms (Perciformes) – Percoidei].

National Museum, Prague, 151 p.


ISBN: 978-80-7036-317-1

There are summarized all valid species belonging to the order Scorpaeniformes and suborder Percoidei (Perciformes) in this monography (the 7th edition of the Czech names of fishes). This edition consists of 107 families and 4918 species. Each species contains of the scientific name, author of that scientific name, year of the scientific description, valid Czech name and some species has also added Czech vernacular synonyms.

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