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Kleisner Tomáš, Boublík Jan

Coins and Medals of the Emperor Francis Stephen of Lorraine. Collection of the National Museum, Prague.

National Museum, Prague, 208 p.


ISBN: 978-80-7036-316-4

This book is about the coins and medals of the Emperor Francis Stephen of Lorraine, a personality who is of interest to both Czech and foreign readers. There is a fully bilingual text. The topic of the book, its layout and the two languages used follow an original volume produced by the court of Vienna in 1782 which describes medals of the reign of the Empress Maria Theresa. Tomáš Kleisner and Jan Boublík present coins and medals from the rich numismatic collection of the National Museum, Prague. The series of medals of the House of Lorraine, struck at Nancy for the Emperor´s father, is very rare. The set is kept in a two-tier box specially made for the purpose. Latin inscriptions are translated and forgotten meanings and figures explained. The authors use the latest Czech and international research as well as 18th century pamphlets and newspapers to put the coins and medals of Francis Stephen of Lorraine into a broader historical context and bring new information to numismatists and also to historians and art historians.

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